Here’s what our clients’ say about us:
“We had a large re-branding project CMS took on for us. They were there with us every step of the way. They conducted research, helped us strategize, determined the appropriate tactics to use and then ensured each was implemented on time and on budget. They attended to every detail so that we didn’t have to. Our company’s services weren’t very well known. Our website was full of information and loaded with helpful videos, but not well organized so clients were frustrated. CMS came in and uncovered both what delighted and what dismayed our customers, used the information to rename our products, revamp our website and produce collateral that made the selling process much easier. Everything became intuitive.” ~ Dan Piette, CEO, TerraSpark

“We had a new product to launch – new for us and a whole new concept for the marketplace. Management expected us to hit it out of the park. CMS captured a client using the product, gathered on-camera testimonials that we used in videos, brochures and in tradeshows that made this the most successful product launch in our history.” ~ Wireless Seismic Executive

What we say about ourselves:

We’re here for one simple reason: to help our clients achieve their marketing objectives. Whether it’s one simple project or a complex campaign of interrelated programs, we bring experienced professionals to the task. And we never lose sight of the fact that we are working for you to improve your bottom line.

Each of our clients has a different culture and personality. Even when they are in the same industry, they don’t talk the same or think the same. We believe their marketing shouldn’t look the same. We always seek to capture your unique characteristics to differentiate you from your competitors and create materials to best position you and your products and services in the marketplace.

By fusing insights, strategy, experience, creativity and imagination we help our clients find better ways to grow their brands and businesses. CMS helps to fuel your growth, achieve your organization goals while working closely with you at all times to ensure that every aspect of your project is running smoothly.

Launching a new product, service, or positioning your company can be stressful and overwhelming. While we’d like to say we can make it fun, what we can promise is that we will keep it from being stressful and make the process manageable. We worry about every detail, so you don’t have to.

Our diverse team allows us to see opportunities from all angles to deliver tailored solutions. CMS is a unique blend of best-in-class thinkers, creators and experienced practitioners. We all look at the world differently, but we share common traits: We are curious, collaborative and optimistic, but also pragmatic. And that means we can bring the best team to meet your challenge.

Our History

Sue Finley started CMS in 1983 after a career with stints in corporate America and as part of the professional staff of several trade journals. Upon her death in 2003, several professionals with deep experience in petrochemical marketing communications staffed CMS. When Christine Miles acquired the firm, she set about changing CMS’s operating model and adding clients from other industry sectors and industries. What remained unchanged was CMS’s commitment to quality and service. Renowned for being responsive, CMS continues to believe that “being there” for our clients—whatever that looks like to the client—is critical to success. We never want anyone to worry about the status of a project or whether or not it will make a crucial deadline. On our watch, each project will yield a delightful result – on time and within budget. We are honored to serve as your silent partner.

Today, a team of four principals oversees CMS: Christine Miles, Donna Giles, Cynthia Fodell Mott and Dottie Rucker. Each has years of insight and experience, ensuring that your projects will always be managed carefully, conscientiously, and with an unwavering commitment to delivering quality at cost-effective prices. The CMS team will ensure that the right designers, copywriters, illustrators, photographers or videographers are brought to the table to make you feel comfortable about all aspects of your projects.

With over thirty years of history, we’ve seen fads come and go and amazing trends unleashed. Through it all, we’ve stayed at the forefront—but not the bleeding edge—as we believe that the hallmark of creativity is quality and service, both of which are continuously honed over time. Our clients are initially pleased with the quality we bring to each project and then are wowed by our service, which removes at least one more stressor from their crowded days.

CMS/Creative Marketing Services: Your Silent Partner in Success.