Our Services

cms-creative-5Whether you are looking for a team to help define your marketing communications strategy, brand your new product or service, or simply design your next communications piece, CMS will partner with you to achieve your objectives on budget and on time.

If your company is complicated, your products or services are technical, or getting your prospective clients’ attention is challenging, we can also be of service. Our clients are typically businesses selling products or services to other businesses. We speak the language of business as well as the specialized languages of the upstream and downstream energy business from geophysics to petrochemicals, insurance, risk management and emerging technologies. Importantly, the key members on your team will have over 20 years of experience in your industry, so you won’t have to bring us up a learning curve to get started.

We also work with major non-profit organizations that are change agents to assist in honing their messaging, raising their organization’s profile and development activities. We ensure that every communication builds and complements other initiatives so that our clients get the most effective marketing campaign for their budget.

We are known for seeing complex strategies through to effective conclusions, for shepherding the design and development of myriad tactics through to completion on time and on budget. For many of our clients, we effectively serve as their outsourced marketing department, providing all of the support necessary without the overhead associated with in-house personnel.

The following is a list of the services we routinely provide:

Branding for new products or services – from strategy through concept and design to rollout of each tactic incorporating all forms of relevant electronic, print, and tradeshow messaging

Corporate identity programs – from logo design to all print and electronic uses

Investor communications – from ghostwriting shareholder letters and producing annual reports to developing compelling investor presentations

Corporate communications – newsletters (print and electronic), concept, design, graphics, ghost-written intranet articles and global translation services that resonate with your employees, vendors, clients and potential clients.