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Congratulations to the Houston Public Library &                        Houston Public Library Foundation!

Their 2009-2010 annual report took home a well-deserved ADDY  from the American Advertising Federation Awards.

HPL/HPLF decided on a bold theme “The Library is Free,” which on the opening of the extended page metamorphosed into “The Library is Freedom”  – emphasizing both that HPL is still a fabulous free resource for the Greater Houston Metropolitan area, but also that it has been the path to freedom for generations of Houstonians. The report featured stories of Houstonians whose lives and careers had been changed by the Library.

All in all, a powerful work and a testament to the vision of HPL’s Dr. Rhea Lawson and HPLF’s Susan Bischoff; the brilliance of Kay Krenek and Katy Couch; and the deft skills of Jim Barlow, Greg Simpson, and Donna Giles. Maya Houston and Daronda Gamble kept all in the loop and on track during the process and Donna Jackson gave it her unqualified support. Hat’s off to a great team and the beautiful execution of a fabulous idea.