Ten Tips to Get the Most Out of Social Media at the EAGE (or any) Trade Show

social-media-marketing-for-business-1It’s almost time for the EAGE trade show and CMS has ten tips to help you get the most out of your experience by ensuring that you’re leveraging all the connection opportunities available via social media.

Our Top Ten Tips:

  1. Use the hashtag. Both on-site visitors and off-site followers will be tracking the action using the hashtag #EAGEMadrid2015. Be sure to include it in all your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts.
  2. Follow. Be sure you’re following your clients, partners, and other key players at the show.
  3. Share what’s good. Take time to retweet and share conference-related tweets and posts from those you follow.
  4. Take pictures. Visuals rule on social media, so take plenty of pictures and share them on all your social networks.
  5. Shoot video. Share videos of all the happenings at your booth. Or, use a streaming app like Meerkat or Periscope to live-stream your experts’ presentations.
  6. Record interviews. Send a team member out to record and share on-the-spot audio interviews using SoundCloud.
  7. Use social media in your booth. Invite your booth visitors to tweet with a special hashtag or share a photo with your team to be entered in a contest for a special prize.
  8. Create a storyboard. Use Storify to curate all your tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagrams around the conference, which will inform followers who aren’t at the event.
  9. Always tag. Be sure to tag the attendees who appear in your photos and videos – especially VIPs – or invite them to tag themselves.
  10. Keep it going. Display your Facebook URL and your Twitter ID in your booth so that visitors can follow you and stay in touch after the conference ends.

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