We Fix $6.99 Haircuts

cms-haircut-fix-2Recently, we saw an ad for 1,000+ logos for $5. Really? (Sigh.)

While there probably is a vibrant market for stale designs at that price, we’re pretty sure that market isn’t really invested in creating a real identity – an identity so authentic that it resonates with potential customers who then feel drawn to purchase its products or services.

From the standpoint of a design firm that prides itself on the creative work it delivers for its clients, being confronted with cut-rate logos reminds us of the challenge a well-established barbershop faced when a big box store moved across the street and placed a large banner over its entrance heralding “$6.99 Haircuts.”

Instead of firing his skilled barbers and hiring inexperienced graduates to cut costs sufficient to fight the onslaught, the owner simply put up his own sign, “We Fix $6.99 Haircuts.”

Problem solved. Creatively.

In today’s marketplace all too many firms are familiar with this situation. Across all industries, firms have found themselves competing with dramatic price drops posed by big box stores or online competitors. Many have reacted by shaving costs, lowering prices – and lowering quality. The owner of this shop was a bit more creative, however, and decided not to cave.

While we understand the lure of paying as little as possible for a logo, we also believe that a firm must consider and invest resources to continually reinforce its identity – beyond just its logo. This requires strategy and thought – not just adopting a banal design or using a standard template.

Your identity is more than a logo. It is the essence of your firm. And that essence is in every action, every transaction, and all the means you use to convey your unique offerings to the world.

If your goal is to market your product or service with a message that separates you from the crowd, you need more than a dime-a-dozen approach. You need experience and the best marketing communications ideas you can get.

And guess what? Your money won’t be wasted – you’ll stand apart from the competition and power your sales far beyond expectations. Come see us for first-rate recommendations that will make your potential clients take notice.


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