TGS’s Winning Marketing Decision at the SEG Convention

We recently attended the Society of Exploration Geophysicist’s (SEG) annual convention and trade show in Denver. This year, TGS chose to sponsor the lanyards and registration process – normally a reasonably high visibility sponsorship, but one that doesn’t necessarily generate any particularly favorable or unfavorable reaction from the attendees. The registration process has always been painful.

This year the process was pain free and incredibly easy as TGS and the SEG made a huge advance in how registrations and lanyard distributions were handled: 1) The SEG decentralized the registration process, so registrants didn’t have to go to the convention center to pick up their badges. In fact, when they checked in to the host hotels they were encouraged to go to nearby kiosks in the hotel. 2) Each registrant had already received a QR code that they could scan at the monitored kiosk which printed the badge and then was placed in a plastic holder with TGS’s lanyard. 3) By placing the kiosks in the host hotels with prominent TGS signage, this surprisingly easy way to check-in earned untold goodwill for TGS from registrants used to walking great distances and then facing long lines to secure the badge. The badge and lanyard represented a delightful surprise, generating genuinely favorable comments from registrants for TGS and the SEG.